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 Product benefits

Plastic working method
The secret of the min R bending pipe production

1. Space saving and materials reduction ! »
"Pipe of the general curvature",
The part of interbention around where is difficult to setting.
but "Minimum R bending pipe" is most suitable for the part.
"Minimum R bending pipe" has the shortest route.
A course shortens including the main body of pipe and a partner hose and reduces materials and can be lightweighted.
2. Smooth the flow of fluid ! »
And in case fluid is a liquid "pipe butt by 45 degrees cut",
resulting in the curved portion cavitation phenomenon may lead to damage to the pipe.
By plasticity molding, there is no step in the wall surface of the curved part inside diameter.
3. Strength‚leak resistance‚precision stability‚corrosion resistans superiority ! »
"The high strength that kept material strength" not to receive heat influence of the welding by plasticity molding is provided, and there is no connected junction for "the leak".
Because it is the plasticity processing with the model tool, there is little unevenness of a shape, dimensions.
Because there is not a heating part of brazing , the non-plating product is provided "the appearance without a change of color and the scale (oxide film of metal)".
As for the plating product,excessive preprocessing of the scale removal is unnecessary,the surface treatment that highly coherency and excellent corrosion-resistant is provided.
4. Low cost ! »
That is low cost for no joining process and unnecessary inspection for leak.
※ However, metal molds is required, cost-effective in the case of small lot will be less.

Projection welding method
The secret of the T-type pipepeisyction

1. Precision! stability ! High Strength ! »
Because it is the projection welding with the model tool,The precision of " joining point "and "joining posture" is stable highly.
High welding strength can be obtained by not "brazing = indirect joining by brazing material" , but "The direct joining to melt into between bare pipe materials" .
2. The flow in the trunk pipe is smooth ! »
Because there are not "the protuberances" from a branch(small) pipe to the trunk(thick) pipe inside diameter part, the flow in the main is smooth.
In case of brazing, protuberances occurs.
3. You can limit the flow quantity to a branch pipe ! »
Because from trunk-pipe to branch-pipe inflow hole process after welding, can choose hole-deameter freely of dimension,that is less than inside-deameter of branch-pipe.
Becomes possible limit the flow quantity to a branch pipe.
4. Corrosion resistans is dominant ! »
Because heat of welding is instant,that finish "appearance whthout a change of color and the scale(oxide film of metal)" include inside deameter.
The plating,"excessive preprocessing of the scale removal" is little,"the surface treatment that highly coherency and excellent corrosion-resistant" can give finished.
5. Low cost ! »
Because time required for the joining is short, it is "low cost".
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