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 Eco Action21

Environmental Initiativives

  1. Reduction of energy consumption.
  2. Recycling of waste.
  3. Water conservation of water resources.
  4. Cleaning of outside the plant area.
  5. Purchase of goods that take the environment into consideration.
Environmental activity results graph
  • Electricity
  • Combustible Waste
  • Metal Waste
  • Water Consumption
  • Waste Oil
  • Social Contribution
  • Green Purchasing
State of environmental activities
Use compressor exhaust heat for heat insulation in the factory
Activity to reduce waste oil

1. Drill a hole in the bottom of the container, turn off the oil. Every morning, and the disposal of chips after oil thrower before starting work to prevent the removal of oil.

2.  Put a plastic container of oil pan under its drilled a hole in the bottom of the scrap container (drums). Thereby to recover the accumulated oil next to the pail precipitation.The supernatant oil pail to work the beginning of Monday I re-use recovery.

3. Under the container to put the sawing cutting finished, to make a gridiron shaped cradle utilizing the waste pipe, and reduce the removal of oil adhering to the bottom of the container. Floor also became beautiful.

Emergency response trainiing
Surrounding area clean-up activities
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